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Why work with DINE

Did you know...


  • DINE Academy has supported over 1,000 young people into the first steps of employment preparation while they are still at secondary school and transitioning into part time work, apprenticeships, tertiary and career options. 


  • Over the past eight years of the programme, our one week boot-camp has resulted in 80-100% of the DINE trainees being offered the opportunity of ongoing paid employment as event staff while they are complete their years at high school and tertiary education.


  • DINE Academy is now working with young job seekers (aged 15-24), refugees, NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training), teen parents, beneficiaries, social services and youth organisations in the community.


There are almost 80,000 young people not in Education, Employment or Training in NZ. That is enough to fill both Mt Smart Stadium and Eden Park.  This number is not getting smaller and needs multiple big scale solution strands to connect with and re-engage these young people, while also trying to reduce more teens from joining them each month, AND nurturing new prospective talent seeking industry mentoring and career steps into the workforce.


DINE Academy has now partnered with Ministry of Youth Development, Youth Connections (Akld Council), Hospitality Training Trust, Spotless Ltd, Sky City (Auckland), Akina Foundation and many others.  Our partners endorse and support the success model of nurturing novice teens into employable talent pool of employees, and creating a win:win:win model for all.  

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