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Become a DINE Trainee 

Do you...

  • Need help trying to find an after-school job because you have no ‘experience’?

  • Want to learn some real skills and work towards a real job trial?

  • Want to be part of DINE’s National Youth Hospo team and meet new friends?

  • Want something fun to do and have the opportunity to be involved in exciting international tourism and sports events?


DINE STARS WANTED... Wannabe chefs, bakers & kitchen crew, baristas & bar staff, customer service stars, waiters, cashiers & retail crew, student foodies looking for career & employment opportunities.


DINE ACADEMY offers a high impact hands on training and industry placement programme with direct coaching from our chefs, frontline customer service professionals and role models. Work experience may be an advantage, but what we’re really looking for is your effort to meet new people, learn new things and have a mature keen commitment to be part of a great team!



Due to our high employment success rate the following documentation will be required before you attend one of our bootcamps. If you need help to apply please ask your teacher, youth worker or the DINE team.

Required documentation

  • IRD Number (Inland Revenue Department)

  • NZ Passport or Birth Certificate & Photo ID (Drivers license or 18+ card) or Overseas Passport with permission to work

  • Bank Account in your own name


For more information about upcoming events and bootcamps please Contact us​

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