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How can you partner with DINE

Our DINE network is a team of passionate industry representatives, community groups and sponsors collaborating to support innovative programmes that enhance school engagement, vocational learning & bridging the next generation into employment.


They are motivated to invest time and spirit to supply work ready youth into the workforce, as they aspire to become future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs for Aotearoa’s booming hospitality and tourism industry. 

How can you become part of the network?

  • Become an industry mentor

  • Donate equipment or uniform

  • Provide financial sponsors

  • Donating good and/or services to our DINE programmes or showcase dinners

  • Sponsors a trainee(s) to attend a DINE bootcamp

  • Purchase a corporate table at the DINE showcase dinner, find out more here

  • Make an online donation HERE

“…I think young people today have to make some very difficult decisions very early in life. (At) 15,16 years of age making decisions about their future after high school.  Do they taken on an apprenticeship? Do they enter the workplace? Or do they do further education? … Are enormously important decisions that they have to make at such a young age.  I think that this is the Joy of the DINE Academy programme.  It gives them hands on experience within the industry and allows them to take on that information to be able to make decisions of whether that industry is for them. 

I think it is actually a model that other industries should follow."  – Shane Harmon, CEO Westpac Stadium Trust.

“… I don’t think there are many things more important to me than to see people flourish.  Seeing people find a path in their lives that gives a sense of satisfaction, that gives them a sense of meaning. And when I look at the objectives of The DINE Academy, that’s why I feel so closely associated with it…”   Grant Robertson MP   (Sponsor Host - DINE Showcase Dinner at Banquet Hall, Parliament, 2016, 2017).

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